WOD: 3-3-13

Versus WOD: 1 min AMRAP then Rest 1 minute:

Kettlebell Swings (32/24/20/16)
Push Ups
Wall Balls (30/20/14/10/6)
Pull Ups
Back Squats (135/115/95/75/55)
Sit Ups
Hang Power Clean (135/115/95/75/55)
Thrusters (135/115/95/75/55)
Double Unders


Let’s talk rules…

  • In today’s workout, you and an opponent will simultaneously perform the exercises listed  (ideally in the order listed)
  • To compete with as leveled a playing field as possible, the loads you see are the ones you can select (if further scaling is required, please do so)
  • You and your opponent will select loads that will allow you to be competitive one against the other (despite of present strength levels)
  • Different loads can be used in different exercises
  • At the end of each bout, you will both rest one minute where you can prep your equipment for the next round
  • No penalties are issued as far as the WOD goes, but all gentlemen-like wagers can be placed before the workout starts
  • You have to have fun

Dont break no rules!



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